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Our customer service teams operate 24/7 taking calls, web chats and emails from across Europe. We believe that customers are the most important part of our business and, to serve their needs, we have customer service agents fluent in a variety of languages. We’re committed to creating a multilingual centre of customer service excellence. So, if you speak English and at least one further language, we want to hear from you!


The payments department, based in sunny Brighton, deals with all financial transactions. Panserve is a 24/7 operation and our dedicated payments team works round the clock to take care of customers. As an international brand, payments agents ensure customers across a host of time zones in different countries collect their winnings as quickly as possible.


Panserve’s finance department keeps an eye on the numbers. Their task is to monitor and analyse the company’s financial performance and to help inform key strategic decisions. Most importantly, they ensure business partners and staff salaries are paid accurately and on time!


Our Anti-Fraud Team proactively monitors all incoming and outgoing transactions to ensure compliance with national and international legislation. An important aspect of their job is to ensure fraudulent or other illegal gaming activity is stamped out.


Our marketing department is constantly looking for innovative ways to promote products and services and introduce the brand to a wider audience. This includes sponsorship activations of partnership with Manchester City


Our business relies on superfast networks, all channelled through what appears to be a mountain of cables. Our IT team is there to make sure Marathonbet customers can access the website any time, every day. They also assist our teams in Hove with their day-to-day IT issues.


Our compliance department ensures the Company adheres to all our licence conditions, applicable laws, rules and regulations. It is also there to create and enforce our internal processes and procedures, in accordance with our industry’s best practice guidelines.


Our business could not exist without the brilliant people who work for us. Panserve’s HR department works hard to ensure that we have a team of engaged, talented, high performing people at the top of their game.


We have a small, but hard working Office Operations team, who look after our offices to make sure we have a safe, clean working environment.
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