Natalia Zavodnik – CEO

As CEO, my responsibility is to lead our greatest asset, our people, to be the best they can be, only then will our products and services be at the highest standard for customer satisfaction.

The diversity within our Company is such a positive quality of our business, we are flexible, interesting and individual.


We expect our employees to work hard but in return they receive competitive salary and benefits whilst working in a strong learning culture which encourages personal development and promotion from within.  A job at Panserve, is more than a job, it is challenging, sometimes unpredictable but for the right people with the right attitude, we offer a fulfilling and satisfying career.”

Aliaksandr Blakhin – Director

“I have been working for the company over eight years and have grown into a successful professional within the industry. Through my career with Panserve I’ve gained important experience in customer service, leadership, management and more.


The company offers great career opportunities and is full of friendly, innovative, motivated, multi-lingual and amazing people with whom it is a pleasure to work with. I am proud to be a part of it.”

Dan Towse – Head of Brand

“Panserve has given me the opportunity to work as part of an innovative and passionate team who are constantly developing creative ideas.


As with any marketing department, some ideas are better than others! But it doesn’t matter - the company provides us with the scope to constantly try new things and learn from them.”

Yu Zhang – Quality Assurance Analyst

“I’ve only been at Panserve for a few weeks but can already tell it’s somewhere I’m going to really enjoy working at for many years to come.


I feel supported and confident in my job and take pride in delivering a great service to our customers. I’m constantly learning and growing in a constantly evolving industry that’s full of excitement.”